NBCRNA exists to support lifelong learning in the profession. We want to be sure that our CRNA colleagues have the knowledge and information you need to obtain and maintain your credential and practice safely and effectively.

Over the last several months, some CRNAs have contacted us or shared on social media their ideas, frustrations and concerns about our communications, especially around the CPC credentialing process. We wanted to dig deeper to learn more about how NBCRNA can more effectively meet your needs.

That’s why, last month, we invited all NBCRNA certificants to participate in an online survey focused specifically on communications, including what, how and when you want to hear from us. Nearly 2,000 CRNAs responded from all geographic and demographic sectors of the profession. (Professional researchers use 1,000 participants as a strong baseline for response on similar national surveys). You can read a topline summary of the survey findings here

Here are some key findings and actions we are taking:

• You want us to sharpen our focus and share information only about the credentialing process -- in simple, succinct and very clear communications.
• The website is the first place many CRNAs go when seeking information about the credentialing process, and our website needs to be easier to navigate. In the first quarter of 2022, we will complete a major overhaul of our website to streamline content, remove extraneous material and make it easier to find what you are looking for quickly.
• You shared that your home email and our e-newsletter are the preferred channels for any needed communications.
• Timing is important to you: generally, within three months of a needed action, with appropriate reminders, was the feedback we received through the survey.
• Individualized or personalized information about your credentialing status beyond what is currently available on the CRNA Portal would be useful and appreciated. We are exploring opportunities to deliver this content through targeted distribution and email content strategies.


We greatly appreciate those who took the time to respond. You will see some important changes to NBCRNA’s communications in the near future based on the valuable input you provided.