Test Your Knowledge with the QOTW Booklet!

Test your knowledge with the QOTW booklet!

Inside these booklets, you will find 13 questions from the weekly Question of the Week, that will help you get familiar with the question types and content you will find on the CPC Assessment. Download the Question of the Week Booklet and see how you do on the sample questions!

Ready for the next step?

Finished reviewing the QOTW booklets and want to try some more practice questions? Check out the CPCA Practice I &II Assessments.  Each assessment has 40 questions to help CRNAs become familiar with the content on the CPCA. Complete and pass each practice exam and access to 160 practice questions total!

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QOTW Booklet box- Q1 2020


Download Q1 Booklet


QOTW Booklet box- Q3 2020 gold


Download Q3 Booklet

QOTW Booklet box- Q2 2020


Download Q2 Booklet


QOTW Booklet box- Q4 2020 green


Download Q4 Booklet